My second piece of work, Crazy! Hot! And Living On The Edge!! was chosen “February Book of the Month!” This was a win from the numerous innovative contests offered in the club. Of course, there are so many other ways to get a coveted spot just for putting out quality work.


I tried to count all the tweets that came in but didn’t start keeping track until the second day. So I can say there were close to a thousand tweets and countless retweets and shares on my book alone. And you have PR Marketing firms trying to charge you high fees for the same services.

I am going to pay homage to the members and non-members who tweeted and retweeted my book. All tweeters may not be included but they are equally just as appreciated because while I was sharing equal billing with two other members, all three of our books benefited from being featured together. So cheers to all the supporters who participated.


This is my small way of saying “Thank you so much” for supporting me this way. Some of those tweets are still going on right now and I can’t say enough about it.


KA-CHING!!! I noticed some activity going on in my bank account. This just would not have happened outside of this book club because I was going it alone, and alone you have absolutely nothing. I know because I have been on the other side and was just about to close my twitter account when I ran into Nonnie Jules and Rave Reviews Book Club which she started.

I also noticed more purchases and reviews as I scanned through the “Book Club Selections For Reviews” website tab. Featuring your books like this brings more attention and you get more sales as a result.


I have been with Rave Reviews Book Club since its inception and have enjoyed more promotions than I ever could have with a firm. And for less money. I paid $600 to a PR consultant for a 3 month trial basis. Because I used to work at a major newspaper, in the promotion dept. where I obtained amazing experience promoting the business, I knew that I could have done a better job. She (the consultant) was okay but the work was just not up to my standards. Plus, your personality has to mesh with your paid consultant or you will not have a good relationship and it can cost you. And there were NO SALES! I know its not guaranteed, but what these companies were offering was a sham.

RRBC’s standards are second to none when it comes to promoting its members. I was impressed with the professionalism when I had my own Spotlight Author Tour. While Nonnie and I were going through a rough patch she pulled out all the stops for me and two other authors while we were under contract with 4WillsPublishing. She never allowed her personal feelings to interfere with her loyalties to her clients/friends. It was a big surprise and I was absolutely stunned and impressed. Here is the…


I hope you enjoy it as much as we (Rhani D’Chae, Harmony Kent and I) did. In comparison, my consultant allowed her personal feelings into the mix, and she did not serve me nearly as well.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism coming out of 4WillsPublishing. The work that was done for me was just more than I expected for the money. My trailer was among the first one’s produced and I am impressed with the above-average job done. I would recommend them to anyone inside and outside of RRBC, and I have.

Here is a link to the featured selection RRBC website. Go there and look at the book and trailer. Then take a tour of the rest of the website. There is too much to list here. The offerings are phenomenal in every way.

Thank you RRBC, and Nonnie Jules for all your tweets, shares and support. You went above and beyond to make February’s Book Of The Month very special.




About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

I love old buildings and history. That's why I ended up writing about the history that surrounded me all of my life - "Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community." Plus our church had closed and the school is torn down, so I felt it was imperative that we preserve the history or it would be lost forever.
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11 Responses to WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR ME!

  1. Wendy Scott says:

    Great post Shirley I enjoyed sharing the BOM slot with you.


  2. beemweeks says:

    Great post, Shirley!


  3. Jan Hawke says:

    Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Here’s another RRBC afficianado to sing the praises of my fave Book Review Club (just so you know it’s not just me saying how great it is)! 😉


  4. An awesome shout-out for our ROCKING #RRBC! Sharing…


  5. hinsmanj says:

    What a wonderful post Shirley! You deserve it all. Very nice of you to recognize everyone.


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