Gracie Bradford!!


February is the month of Love; and it is also a time set aside to remember Historical Men and Women of Color who have achieved greatness during their lifetime.

Today is the first day of Rave Reviews Book Club’s Spotlight Author Tour. What a fitting time to host our featured author. Let’s see how she spends her day as a writer.

Gracie, I am pleased to host you and to share your post with my followers.


Gracie’s Writing Process

You will get a kick out of how Gracie prepares to write every day. You may identify with her morning rituals. She tells me after a perfect eight hours of sleep; her body clock gives her a slight nudge. She turns over, stretches and ignores the internal clock.  After a few minutes, she hears the internal clock is saying, “get out of bed to take your morning walk.”

Quickly getting dressed, securing the front door and off she goes. Her mind goes into overdrive mode formulating a plot for her next writing session when she returns. She stops to talk with the ducks, turtles, and cranes. She goes by the elementary school to observe parents dropping off kids. She decides if she is going to stop by the corner store to pick up a lotto ticket.


After 1 ½ hours, she enters the back door, kicks off her shoes, makes a hot cup of herbal tea and peels two boil eggs. After enjoying her gourmet breakfast, she decides which room to write in for the day and which device she is going to use.

Before starting, she turns on some smooth music, dance for about fifteen minutes then she is ready to sit and dump everything she formulated in her head while walking.  A minimum of 200 words flows onto the paper. She leans back in her chair to admire her work. Nine out of ten times, she will re-write the plot several times. It is now time to take a shower and starts her day. She wonders which community service she will support today?



The Typing begins…….

Expect to see the 3rd book of the Lady Bird series late 2018 addressing Autism.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and spending the day with Gracie. Please leave your comments and get a copy of her book(s). Be sure to follow her at each of her stops on the RRBC site this week.

About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

I love old buildings and history. That's why I ended up writing about the history that surrounded me all of my life - "Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community." Plus our church had closed and the school is torn down, so I felt it was imperative that we preserve the history or it would be lost forever.
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42 Responses to CONGRATULATIONS #RRBCSpotlightAuthor GRACIE BRADFORD!!! @IamXordinary

  1. Hi Gracie. Your morning routine sounds delightful! Shirley, thank you for hosting.


  2. Congratulations, Gracie! Wishing you a fabulous month in the Spotlight!
    Thanks for hosting, Shirley, and for the warm welcome, as always. 🙂
    Cheers to you both!

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  3. lauralibricz says:

    Congratulations, Gracie! A wonderful way to start the day. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to following your blog tour!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wendy Scott says:

    Hi Gracie, What a fabulous way to start your day! Cheers for hosting, Shirley.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Shirley Harris-Slaughter says:

    To everyone here: Your support is very much appreciated. Have a wonderful day! Now on to the next tour.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. beemweeks says:

    Loud cheers and roaring CONGRATULATIONS to you, Gracie Bradford, on this honor! Gracie, you truly are worthy. Best wishes to you.

    Thank you for being so supportive, Shirley. You are such a blessing to those with whom you share your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Soooz says:

    A delight to join in your morning routine, Gracie. I’m so excited for you, being a featured ‘Spotlight Author’ is a marvelous time.🌹 Thank you, Shirley for a lovely job of hosting Gracie today.😊

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  8. Vashti Q says:

    Congratulations, Gracie! It’s wonderful to learn more about you. Enjoy the spotlight this month! Thanks for hosting, Shirley! 😀 xx

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  9. Micki Peluso says:

    Congrats, Gracie on your spotlight tour!! Your books look delightful. I love the way you start your day. Mime starts at noon. Enjoy your tour.

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  10. Hi, Gracie! Cool way to start your day… BTW, love all those walking shoes. Happy Spotlight!

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  11. Gwen Plano says:

    Congratulations, Gracie! I’m so happy that RRBC has selected you for the spotlight! As you know, I loved June the Prune and Lady Bird. Your big heart and wise words worked a miracle in me. Enjoy every moment of RRBC’s attention, for you deserve it and more!

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  12. mikelynes says:

    Lovely descriptive tour Gracie – thank you for sharing it! Best regards – MikeL

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  13. jinlobify says:

    Hi Gracie, I like your morning routine. I have one too. everyone should have one. In every new place I find myself, I look and find a church. So, every morning, I start my day with going to the morning Mass. That allows me to breathe in the early morning breeze… why, this is not about me… 😀 Congrats, Gracie on your tour. Thank you, Shirley, for hosting her. 😀

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  14. Linda Mims says:

    Congratulations, Gracie! I’m glad RRBC is shining the light on you! June the Prune and Lady Bird was a favored read. Enjoy! Enjoy!🤗Thanks for hosting, Shirley.

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  15. D.L Finn, Author says:

    Congrats Gracie on your spotlight tour! I enjoyed hearing about your morning routine. You may have inspired me to exercise before writing! Enjoy your tour and June and Ladybird are on my must read list:)

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  16. A.M. Manay says:

    Enjoy your tour, Gracie! Looking forward to learning more aboit your work.

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  17. Reblogged this on The Angry Scribbler and commented:
    Shirley Harris-Slaughter hosts Gracie Bradford as RRBC Spotlight’s Author of the Month, check it out and keep following this talented author on their month long tour!

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  18. Congrats, Gracie!! I hope you have a fabulous month in the Spotlight, and I absolutely love how you prepare to write every day, it sounds so relaxing and inspiring! 😀 Thank you, Shirley, for hosting another great author of the RRBC.

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  19. Gracie Bradford says:

    Thank you Shirley for spotlighting me on your blog in conjunction with black history month. June and Lady Bird hope their story is an inspiration to other kids. The love of a grandmother is powerful medicine.


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