DAY 8 @sharrislaughter #ADayInMyLife #RRBC @RRBC_Org 30 Day #Blogging Challenge 2023

Monday, JANUARY 9, 2023 @ 1:55 PM ET


So, you’re having trouble with blogging each day!

Are some of you having trouble with staying organized each day of your blogging?

Thank goodness for Nonnie Jules, who has kept us informed whenever we start straying from our path, or just to make sure we are promoting our sites correctly. And I have been paying attention. Especially when she states the rules that keep you qualified or disqualified.

What I did was to copy the rules and put them on my own created document so I can refer back to it whenever I need to. Here is a draft of what I did. You can make yours anyway you like just as long as its helpful for you.

*Send weblinks to … to stay qualified

*Go to Member Chat each time you post

*TITLE: DAY 8 @sharrislaughter #ADayInMyLife #RRBC @RRBC_Org 30 Day #Blogging Challenge 2023 [this line goes in my title each day just changing the day only]

*Monday, JANUARY 9, 2023 @ 1:55 PM ET

Add at the end …

*Shirley Harris-Slaughter


This section keeps track of my daily blogging. I put the weblink next to day one, day two, etc. I add the next day after I’m done with my blog and that immediately lets me know what Day it will be when I return. In this case Day Eight is what I was left with.

Day one – @RRBC_Org DAY 1 A DAY IN MY LIFE! | Shirley Harris-Slaughter (

Day two –

Day Three –

Day Four –

Day Five –

Day Six – DAY 6 @sharrislaughter #ADayInMyLife #RRBC @RRBC_Org 30 Day #Blogging Challenge 2023 | Shirley Harris-Slaughter (

Day Seven –

Day Eight –

Anytime I am experiencing a problem, or some other rule needs to be remembered, I put it on this document. I can always delete it later if it is no longer needed. I will re-read Nonnie’s rules just to make sure I am complying with all that she asks. Putting the rules in a document puts it right at my fingertips every day. I hope this bit of information helps you to get organized.

That’s all folks! Good bye!

[note, we were asked to add our name and website at the end of our blogging]

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

I love old buildings and history. That's why I ended up writing about the history that surrounded me all of my life - "Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community." Plus our church had closed and the school is torn down, so I felt it was imperative that we preserve the history or it would be lost forever.
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24 Responses to DAY 8 @sharrislaughter #ADayInMyLife #RRBC @RRBC_Org 30 Day #Blogging Challenge 2023

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  2. Hi Shirley! Thank you for laying this all of this information out in front of us -very helpful!

    Best wishes,
    Donna M Atwood
    D M Atwood


  3. A cheat sheet to fill your blogging day. Interesting idea. I’ve come to a roadblock with my blogging. We can’t write about my books, or can we? I forgot the rule for that one.


  4. patgarcia says:

    Hi, Shirley,
    Thank you for sharing how you set up your blog for the challenge.
    Have a lovely day, my dear.
    Shalom aleichem

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  5. Patty Perrin says:

    Thanks for sharing your cheat sheet, Shirley! I added more to my title and added my website to my blog posts. Maybe I should have added my blog address? I need a spreadsheet. Blessings!

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  6. Linda Mims says:

    Hi, Shirley! This information is so helpful. Thank you, thank you!❤️

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  7. Shirley, this is an awesome post and so helpful!! I will probably print it out when I get to my laptop. Thanks for helping us out! You really are organized!

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  8. Hi Shirley–Thanks for the reminder. (I still can’t post on your page. I’ve tried all the helpful hints you suggested…)


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    • Hi, Wanda! You said in a comment ON Shirley’s blog post that you still can’t post on her page. You’re posted on her page now! I am replying to the message that you left her 🙂



    • Wanda, yes, I don’t think WordPress’ suggestions are helpful. Just copy your comments before you post here and if it doesn’t show up, go to Member Chat and paste it there. Nonnie suggested to do this and so I added it to my cheat sheet.


  9. pdoggbiker says:

    You go, girl. Great cheat sheet for all of us.

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  10. Great post, Shirley! I’m planning to create something similar at the end of each week in case anyone missed any of my posts. I posted my Day 4 a bit later so I think no one has seen it. Thanks for sharing this!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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  11. Shirley, this is such an amazing tip for the other bloggers – to create their own document or spreadsheet to keep up with everything going on with our 30-day blogging challenge. Blogging every day during this challenge, you can get lost on what day you’re on, and, you can also forget the rules, but you have created an awesome way to keep up with everything so you’re on top of everything! Even I get lost on what day we’re on, so before I begin a new post, I always go back and open my last post to reference the day that’s labeled in my heading.

    You have also modeled your heading after mine, using all the appropriate hashtags and account handles to bring attention to your posts. Ryan above found your post (and mine) simply by you using #blogging in your heading. He retweeted your post to his over 47,000 followers, so good job on the use of the right hashtags! Everyone should include these hashtags in their headings for the same exposure. I know that although some people are not replying to your awesome posts, they are in deed reading them!

    Your info should prove helpful to the other bloggers, especially since a few have self-eliminated from the contest. Although Paula did offer them ways to continue on with the blogging process, I don’t think they even bothered to reply to her offer, which is sad.

    But again, kudos to you! You and the others who are still going strong are blowing my mind with your awesome posts and your dedication to see this challenge to the end! Keep going!

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    • Yes!! I just left a blogger with a header that’s lacking and so I sent her another comment addressing it. I see it on several other posts as well. I caught on to the header trick early in my association with this club. It’s still a learning process with me but I try to make sure I am promoting properly. As you mentioned this little trick does prove helpful for other bloggers to find you.

      It’s hard enough trying to keep up with all the bloggers on this journey, so you need all the help you can get to keep up.

      Thank you, Nonnie and happy blogging!


  12. Good deal here. I see this challenge hitting the #blogging hashtag on Twitter too. I left a blog comment for another rocking blogger working the contest. Keep up the inspired blogging work.

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