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Recently, I wrote a post where I briefly spoke on the difference between being traditionally published and Indie published;  that post was called “Why I Choose To Be An Indie Author.”  A fellow RRBC member, who is traditionally published, made a comment to the effect that you have more promotion and support, etc., when you are traditionally published.  Well, here I am again, dropping my little two-cents on that matter.

While watching a talk show earlier today (I sometimes have to take breathers, you know), there was an author who writes under the umbrella of one of my genres.  These days, anytime I am watching a talk show or a news program and the word author pops up, I immediately run to my computer to look the author up.  I belong to an organization of such awesome people, that who knows, it could be a fellow member of mine…

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Lincoln Cole is on a 4WILLSPUBLISHING Blog Tour and today he is taking us on a PERSONAL INTERVIEW.  Lets give Lincoln a great bit welcome and set out the hospitality…



What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Living a quiet life surrounded by family and friends.


What is your greatest fear?

Losing the people I love.


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I can be very withdrawn and unsure of my decisions. I don’t like to step up.


What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Meanness. I don’t like people who mistreat others.


What is your current state of mind?

Depressed after losing my sister. She and I were very close, and it’s been hard moving on.


What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Athleticism. Playing a sport doesn’t make a person a hero.


On what occasion do you lie?

I don’t like to lie, and I’m not good at it.


What or who is the greatest love of your life?

I haven’t fallen in love yet, so I’m still waiting.


Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be able to speak more languages. Right now, I only know two.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would be better at picking something and sticking with it.


What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Being alone.


What is your favorite occupation?

Doctors work really hard to protect and help people, so I think that’s my answer.


What do you most value in your friends?

An openness to new ideas.


What is it that you most dislike?

Hatred and intolerance.


What is your greatest regret?

I didn’t realize my sister was so sick, and I didn’t spend enough time with her before she passed. I miss her.


How would you like to die?

I’d rather not die, if possible.


What is your motto?

Pay it forward and good things will come.


Lincoln Cole




Raven’s Peak:




Author Central:

Book Trailer:


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Originally posted on Watch Nonnie Write!:
People wonder why I sometimes refer to myself as “Careful Chooser of Words.”  If I’ve had a recent visit to see the doctor, I get phone calls from family and friends, asking: “Well, what…

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Blog Tour: Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko #RRBC

Good post Joy!

KC Books & Music




Book CoverVoices of Four Igbo Women (An Excerpt)

Njide’s Life Journey Begins
After several years of studying music at the conservatories of Rome, Pesaro, and Florence in Italy, Njide is back in Lagos, working as a music producer at Radio Nigeria in Lagos. She is at her table at Radio Nigeria, in a room she shares with three other producers, when she sees someone coming through the corridor to her office. She recognizes him immediately, and surprised and happy to see him, she jumps out of her chair to greet him.
“Hey, Sam!” she says as her face lights up. “When did you come back?” They embrace, and she drags him into her office.
“I have been back for a while. Unilag invited me back to set up a music department at the university, and now I need teachers.”

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It is my pleasure to host Karen Ingalls today. Please welcome Karen and lets support her by leaving a comment, sharing this post and purchasing her book. And now….




Today’s interview is with Murray Clark (aka Michael St Germain).

He is the main character from Novy’s Son, The Selfish Genius.

  1.  Mr. Clark, you had to move three times and change schools when you were a young lad. How did you feel about those major changes?

         The first time I was scared and angry. I was only five and did not understand why having a new brother or sister would mean I had to leave my parents and home. But, I loved Uncle Leon and Aunt Helen and I had a good time there.


  1. You had jealousy with your brother, Richard. Did you ever resolve those feelings?

I don’t think my brother or dad knew about my jealousy though my mother did. And, I still have jealousy of him. He seemed so perfect, likable and smart. He could do no wrong. If he had lived a full life, I suppose he and Helen would have married and told Karen the truth of her birth. I don’t think I could have stood for that.


  1.  What made your relationship with Grace so special?

She was the first and only woman with whom I could be totally myself. She was smart, beautiful, and a good listener. As I look back she reminded me of my mother though they did not look alike. Her life was cut short and I will always be angry about that.


  1.  Who are you angry at? You appear to be angry with so many people and events throughout your life.

I had to give this question a lot of thought. In the end, I guess I am angry that my life was so hard. My dad was so strict and no matter what I did it not seem to please him. And, if there is a God (which I do not think there is) I am very angry at Him. He caused the early deaths of Uncle Leon, Aunt Helen, and Grace all of whom I loved. And I am angry that He took Richard at such a young age from which Dad never recovered.


  1.   A final question: Do you think you were a good father to Joan and Karen?

I wish I could answer that with a yes. I was a better father to Karen, but as I look back I was wrong to disown Joan. I should have tried to work things out with her, but I had so much going against me. Her mother hated me and was always doing things to put a wedge between my daughters and me.

          I regret how I treated Karen those last years. I see now that she always acted in my best interest and did everything possible to help me. I blamed her for my finances, health, and living situation the last years of my life.

          With all my faults as a father, I did love my daughters and tried to do the best I knew how.


Author Info:

Karen Ingalls Pic

Karen Ingalls is a retired registered nurse with a master’s degree in human development, which was a double major in psychology and human services. She is the author of the award winning book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir from which all proceeds are donated to gynecologic cancer research. Her second novel is Davida: Model & Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Her first novel, Novy’s Son challenges the reader to examine the issues of alcoholism, sexual addiction, and family dynamics. She has also written poetry, short stories, and has had articles published for professional journals. Karen also does presentations to promote her books and on subjects of health/wellness.


Connect with Karen:

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Welcome to my blog…

This is worth sharing.

Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!!I am pleased to welcome another fabulous "SPOTLIGHT" Author to my blog today... Kim Cox!! Please help me shower her with support today and all this week as she journeys thru the RRBC SPOTLIGHT!!!

Congrats, Kim!! Enjoy your special week!!!!

Top 10 Time Management Tips for #WritersDo you feel there’s just not enough time in the day anymore? Do you look back and feel like you used to accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time?I don’t know about you, but I sure do. I can remember while working a full-time job and then after coming home, I cooked supper, did the dishes, straightened the house, and still had time to get online with my critique partners to chat and write for an hour or two a night. And besides that, I had a teenager at home.But these days, I do…

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Hey, Don’t U Post About Ur Book W/out A Hashtag! #RRBC

I’ll share this with my followers.

Watch Nonnie Write!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but I really wanted to stop  you before you sent out another promo tweet on your book without using a hashtag!  Many don’t know the power of using hashtags on Twitter.  Hashtags are a great way to bring attention to your book or anything else you’re promoting.  When folks head to Twitter, they use the Twitter search box just as they would a Google Search.  For instance, if they are looking for inspirational quotes, they will enter #InspirationalQuotes into the Twitter Search box and every inspirational quote that someone has posted using that hashtag, will populate!  If someone were to enter #RaveReviewsBookClub or #RRBC, they would find thousands upon thousands of tweets of the club’s members, promoting their books using those hashtags, and also, any and everything else that has been shared using the hashtags.

Now, when I’m supporting books, whether my own…

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#RRBC #PIF WEEK with AUTHOR @julieannhacker!


JHackerImageToday it is my pleasure to host Julie Ann Hacker to my blog post during the first Pay It Forward Week of 2016. So take a look and please share my post, support Julie and get a copy of her book(s).

Here is an introduction to Julie Ann Hacker’s Screaming Ego Books:

The Dead Dance Faster: Unsacred Awakening (The Dead Dance Faster Series) (Volume 1)



The Dead Dance Faster – Spirit Breaker (Book #2)




Go to Julie’s Website (below) to view the rest of her works and her videos:

Twitter: @julieannhacker
Facebook Page URL:

As you can see, Julie is a versatile writer with several series to her credit. I want to give you just enough information to appreciate what Julie has to offer and to welcome her with a bang into the Rave Reviews Book Club Family.

Again please share this page and leave a comment so Julie knows you have been here.

Thank you,

Shirley Harris Slaughter, Author
RRBC Honorary Board Member


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My second piece of work, Crazy! Hot! And Living On The Edge!! was chosen “February Book of the Month!” This was a win from the numerous innovative contests offered in the club. Of course, there are so many other ways to get a coveted spot just for putting out quality work.


I tried to count all the tweets that came in but didn’t start keeping track until the second day. So I can say there were close to a thousand tweets and countless retweets and shares on my book alone. And you have PR Marketing firms trying to charge you high fees for the same services.

I am going to pay homage to the members and non-members who tweeted and retweeted my book. All tweeters may not be included but they are equally just as appreciated because while I was sharing equal billing with two other members, all three of our books benefited from being featured together. So cheers to all the supporters who participated.


This is my small way of saying “Thank you so much” for supporting me this way. Some of those tweets are still going on right now and I can’t say enough about it.


KA-CHING!!! I noticed some activity going on in my bank account. This just would not have happened outside of this book club because I was going it alone, and alone you have absolutely nothing. I know because I have been on the other side and was just about to close my twitter account when I ran into Nonnie Jules and Rave Reviews Book Club which she started.

I also noticed more purchases and reviews as I scanned through the “Book Club Selections For Reviews” website tab. Featuring your books like this brings more attention and you get more sales as a result.


I have been with Rave Reviews Book Club since its inception and have enjoyed more promotions than I ever could have with a firm. And for less money. I paid $600 to a PR consultant for a 3 month trial basis. Because I used to work at a major newspaper, in the promotion dept. where I obtained amazing experience promoting the business, I knew that I could have done a better job. She (the consultant) was okay but the work was just not up to my standards. Plus, your personality has to mesh with your paid consultant or you will not have a good relationship and it can cost you. And there were NO SALES! I know its not guaranteed, but what these companies were offering was a sham.

RRBC’s standards are second to none when it comes to promoting its members. I was impressed with the professionalism when I had my own Spotlight Author Tour. While Nonnie and I were going through a rough patch she pulled out all the stops for me and two other authors while we were under contract with 4WillsPublishing. She never allowed her personal feelings to interfere with her loyalties to her clients/friends. It was a big surprise and I was absolutely stunned and impressed. Here is the…


I hope you enjoy it as much as we (Rhani D’Chae, Harmony Kent and I) did. In comparison, my consultant allowed her personal feelings into the mix, and she did not serve me nearly as well.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism coming out of 4WillsPublishing. The work that was done for me was just more than I expected for the money. My trailer was among the first one’s produced and I am impressed with the above-average job done. I would recommend them to anyone inside and outside of RRBC, and I have.

Here is a link to the featured selection RRBC website. Go there and look at the book and trailer. Then take a tour of the rest of the website. There is too much to list here. The offerings are phenomenal in every way.

Thank you RRBC, and Nonnie Jules for all your tweets, shares and support. You went above and beyond to make February’s Book Of The Month very special.




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It is with excitement and pleasure that I bring to you a most favored and creative friend, JOHN FIORAVANTI! I can’t begin to express to you how excited I was to host John. And when I was asked it was a no-brainer. He is the most supportive go-to guy in Rave Reviews Book Club. There would be a huge hole left without him. It is members like him that make RRBC the wonderful place to be. And he’s close to Nonnie so he can’t go anywhere but up. I can’t say enough about my friendship with John so I will stop here and let him do the talking.


Nonnie Returns To Genesis – Episode

(Leave a comment each day to be entered to win one of these prizes)
(1) $10 Amazon Gift Card
(2) $5 Amazon Gift Cards
(2) ebook copy of  “TREACHERY & TRIUMPH”
Anyone who purchases a copy of “TREACHERY & TRIUMPH” and sends to me a copy of the purchase receipt to, and leaves a comment along the tour, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card! One entry for each book that is purchased, whether in ebook or paperback format.  Purchases must take place between 2/28 – 3/05/2016.  If you’ve already purchased one of the books, then feel free to gift a friend, just for the chance to win!!  Spend a little, and you could win a lot!!! If you leave a review on Amazon you will earn a second entry for this prize. Reviews must be posted between 2/29/16 and 3/29/16.

 Episode 5

Several months ago, renowned interviewer and author, Nonnie Jules, accompanied author, John Fioravanti to planet Genesis seven centuries into the future. Dr. John, as he’s called on Genesis, possesses unusual teleportation powers, which he uses to travel through time and space. He can travel with another person just by laying his hand upon them.

When we last saw our intrepid pair, Nonnie and John, they had just left The Mansion after chatting with Marie Brooklyn and Annie Pinto. It sounded like they were off to visit the Rouge strategist, Shawn O’Dell. Sounds a bit dangerous to me – I hope John cooked up a good cover story. Let’s find out…

(John and Nonnie appear on the sidewalk in front of the building that houses the residence of Rouge leader Brian Irving. John knows that Irving is using his own place to meet with the lieutenants who command the other Rouge cells spread across the planet. Of course, their chief strategist, Shawn O’Dell is in the area as well. Within seconds O’Dell himself exits the building and appears to be looking for someone across the street. Not looking where he was going, he almost collides with Nonnie.)

O’Dell: “A thousand pardons, honey. I hope I didn’t frighten you.”

Nonnie: “I don’t scare easily, young man. And I’m not your honey! We’re looking for Mr. Shawn O’Dell, perhaps you can help us.”

(He suddenly becomes guarded and looks suspiciously at John. His eyes widen in surprise as he recognizes the famous professor)

O’Dell: “Aren’t you that researcher and historian named Dr. John? I read about you and saw your picture in that Genesis Free Press interview by reporter Marie Brooklyn during the election last year.”

Nonnie: (Assertively)“Yes he is, and I’m his writer friend, Nonnie Jules. You haven’t answered my question, sir.”

O’Dell: (Grinning at her) “Allow me to remedy that, immediately, Mrs. Jules. Shawn O’Dell is the name, strategy is my game! You certainly are a firecracker.”

Nonnie: “I live my life out loud and I don’t apologize for it. May we have a few minutes of your time?”

O’Dell: (looks from one to the other as he weighs his options, then shrugs)

“Yeah, why not. I got a few hours to kill and this might be entertaining!” (He winks at Nonnie.)

(Nonnie is about to give him a piece of her mind about disrespecting a lady, but John’s hand on her shoulder stays her anger. He then leads the way across the street to a small restaurant, where they are seated in a corner booth where there are no other patrons. O’Dell sits alone on the side of the booth where he can see the door.)

O’Dell: “Ok, you asked for this meeting, Mrs. Jules, how about you spring for a beer? Is my time worth a drink to you?”

(John orders two beers and a water for Nonnie. She turns and gives him a disapproving look.)

Nonnie: “That’s poison, Dr. John, and it’ll kill you one day.”

O’Dell: “You two are very entertaining… now what do you want from me?”

Nonnie: “My friend here tells me that you’re mixed up with a group that wants to stop the reforms put forward by President Hastings and the High Chancellor…”

O’Dell: (lips curl into a snarl) “Stopping that bitch is now my life’s purpose! Count on it!”

Nonnie: (in a strong, measured tone) “Perhaps you’d like to rephrase, Mr. O’Dell… you really don’t want to take me to that party, because only one of us is going to have a good time… and it won’t be you!”

(Surprised, O’Dell glances at Dr. John who is nodding his head gravely. The Rouge strategist locks eyes with Nonnie and makes a decision.)

O’Dell: “Alright, Mrs. Jules, I apologize. I am disgusted with everything about that administration. The Gods are offended that a woman has shrouded herself in the mantle of President, as are all the faithful on Genesis. Therefore, these godless reforms must be stopped.”

Nonnie: “Better, sir. Why would the Gods be offended by Liz Hastings? She is a highly respected leader to many people on Genesis.”

O’Dell: “Only to the Naval class scum… er… citizens. They are not faithful to the Gods or to the teachings of the holy Church. The High Chancellor has betrayed the Gods and his holy office. They both have to go! (He takes a long pull on his beer)

Nonnie: “As a strategist, how do you think this might happen?”

O’Dell: “Hypothetically? The best way to derail this government is to… eliminate it.”

Nonnie: (Eyes narrowed) “Assassination? How?”

O’Dell: (smiling) “You seem pretty blood-thirsty, Mrs. Jules… how would you do it?”

Nonnie: (sitting back and locking eyes with O’Dell)

“Flattery will get you nowhere… please quit dodging the question and give me a straight answer.”

O’Dell: (Sighs heavily) “I’m talking to you as a courtesy, so I’ll speak hypothetically. Violence is the best option with leaders who are totally committed to their policies. If you remove the head, the body has no direction. Problem solved.”

Nonnie: “Perhaps you’re not aware that an Earther battleship is docked to Genesis One. As well, Ambassador Ursla, formerly Admiral Ursla, led the forces that forced the Krogg home world to surrender. And Liz Hastings is a close friend of hers… so do you think striking out at the President would be prudent?”

O’Dell: “The heathen Earthers follow rules. That means they’re bound to maintain their diplomatic posture – which pretty much neutralizes any threat from them. So I like our chances.”

Nonnie: “You must have a secret weapon of some sort… do you?”

O’Dell: (Grinning) “Well, Mrs. Jules, stick around these parts and you just might find out! You might not have fun at that party! Good Day to both of you, and thanks for the beer!”

(O’Dell leaves the booth and swaggers out the door onto the sidewalk.)

Nonnie: “John, that man is so slimy, I need to take a shower. I’d like to meet a real Irishman after this interview.” (She shudders in disgust.)

John: (Rubs his chin as he thinks) “How about we pay ArcGeneral Pat Conroy a visit?”

Nonnie: (Suddenly energized) “He grew up with Marco, didn’t he?”

(John smiles and nods. Nonnie puts her hand on his arm, and… they vanish!)

Be sure to join us tomorrow for the next episode!


To follow John’s tour, please visit the 4WillsPub home page and click on the CURRENT EVENTS tab, which will take you directly to John’s blog tour page!  Thanks for stopping by today!
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