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The caliber of one’s character is a measure of one’s self.

How sad the man who cares not the thoughts of those who can propel him;

How sad the man who takes lightly the toll his words may have on another;

And, how sad the man whose tongue lies in wait to destroy the innocent.

What worth do you have on this earth if you are such a man?

Some get angry when they can’t have their way;

Some throw tantrums, just as a kid at the age of three, falling out in the market when his Mommy has said NO to ice cream for the tenth time.

Some walk away from discussions which should be had,

…only because the words they hear are not to their liking, yet the words are for their ears alone.

How old are we? Are…

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Feeling Dissed By Mainstream Reviewers?

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The Indie Spot!

SDRandCo (5)

Should indie authors seek reviews from traditional mainstream sources? If we, as writers, opt for the self-published path, should we still consider sending copies of our work to The New York Times or Publishers Weekly?

Roger Sutton, the editor-in-chief of Horn Book magazine, a mainstream book review publication, recently published an open letter to “the indie author feeling dissed.”

In his open letter, Mr. Sutton does make some valid points. He says there are just too many self-published books flooding the market. Some estimates put the number at around 300,000 indie releases per year. To attempt to review even a portion of these works would prove daunting. Imagine being tasked with the responsibility of combing through that many books in search of just a handful of gems or potential gems?

Many self-published works are just plain awful, Mr. Sutton claims. This statement, unfortunately, holds some manner of truth. While…

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Welcome to “THE NEON HOUSES” BLOG TOUR! Author, Linda Mims LINDA MIMS started creating tales in her head as a child. At age 12, she knew she was onto something when she sold a story to …

Source: “THE NEON HOUSES” BLOG TOUR – #RRBC – @boom_lyn

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5.0 out of 5 stars Authentic Back-in-Time Read,

This review is from: Hieroglyph (TC’s Adventures Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

When I first started to read this book it didn’t quite grab me. I had a time trying to get into it. But when I did, it was enjoyable to read. Although not the kind of book I normally read, I gave it 5 stars because it was easy to read and understand. The author obviously did her homework to make the time periods so real and authentic. And it was different.

Congrats Wendy Scott

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Welcome #RRBC #RWISA Member, Marlena Smith!

Your post deserves to be shared.

Watch Nonnie Write!


In her own words…

How long have you been writing?

Since a very young age, 2nd grade being my earliest memory. Writing has always been a big part of my life, a favorite past-time.

How many books have you authored?

I have three short stories/poems in RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology. My debut novel, THE POWER OF LOVE, will be released May 1st.

Do you have a writing schedule?

Not really. I write when time allows, when I feel inspired. I try to write some each day, but that doesn’t always happen. My days tend to get hectic, but I try to make up for missed time on my less-busy days.

You’re a member of RAVE WRITERS – INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF AUTHORS (RWISA). Why do you think you were accepted into this exclusive group?

RWISA brings the good writers into light, so I hope that’s where I fall……

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Welcome Nonnie Jules, President of Rave Reviews Book Club and Rave Writers–International Society of Authors

Must share this post by Nonnie Jules. Congratulations President!!

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Hoy, boy! Do I have a special guest for you today, gang! I am honored to be hosting Nonnie Jules, the woman whose vision became Rave Reviews Book Club. Please welcome the president of RRBC and the founding member/president of the Rave Writers International Society of Authors! I’m thrilled to have her here today for an awesome Q&A and personal post!

Banner logo for author Nonnie Julies, president of Rave Reviews Book ClubHow long have you been writing?
This will sound cliché, but I really have been writing all my life, at least since the 3rd grade.  I became a published author in 2012.

How many books have you authored? Please share the titles of up to three.
I have authored 3 books, and co-authored one.  The titles are “THE GOOD MOMMIES’  GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND,” and “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS.”  I can’t list the co-authored title because…

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Author Spotlight—Meet Stephanie Collins

Nice Post. Thanks Bette Stevens for sharing Stephanie’s story with us…

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Happy Love Month! I can’t think of a better way of spreading love than by sharing my love of reading and writing with you.  So, today, I am sharing with you a fellow author, hard-working mother of four, loving wife, and the unsuspecting author of a true medical drama/unconventional love story called With Angel’s Wings.  Stephanie is a member of Rave Writers – International Society of Authors (RWISA). Join me in welcoming award-winning author Stephanie Collins and learn more about this amazing gal in our interview. ~Bette A. Stevens

profile-pic-rwisa-blog-tourStephanie Collins, author of award-winning memoir With Angel Wings

Welcome, Stephanie Collins. How long have you been writing?

I began writing therapeutically in 1996. It was sometime around 2010 when I started seriously considering turning those writings into a book.

How many books have you authored?

I never intended to be an author at all. As I said, I…

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Book Club Drama – Presidential Chronicles #3 – #RRBC

Something to laugh about…

Books By Nonnie

 Hello!  Welcome to my new series: BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES. This is just my bit of hilarity to entertain you all. The short stories that you are about to read are fictional and not at all indicative of the way I feel, as President of the phenomenal, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! But, some of the stories that I poke fun at, I’m sure are loosely based on some incidents…somewhere (but surely, not within the RRBC). I hope that you all will follow my blog here so that each time I post a new segment to the BOOK CLUB DRAMA – PRESIDENTIAL CHRONICLES series, you will be the first to receive notice. If they give you a chuckle, I ask that you please share them on your social media forums. Enjoy, and do keep giving me great material to write about!

P.S. Before my secretary starts…

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Reblogged from “Life As I Know It” by Marlena Smith…

Hello friends, fellow bloggers, book clubbers, family… I am absolutely blown away by the incredible support I have received this month, as RRBC’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author. Now, I …


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Meet John David Bethel

Hello, bloggers! I am pleased to welcome Guest Author, John David Bethel. John is the author of BLOOD MOON, and we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse in the following Q&A. Enjoy… {Belo…

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