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Blog Party 1 (2)


Coming to you live from Oak Park, Michigan
The Great Lakes State

Here are the winners! 

$15 Amazon Gift Card – C. S. BOYACK

LAURIE LEWIS won an Autographed Paperback Copy of
Crazy Hot And Living On The Edge

D.L. FINN won an Autographed Paperback Copy of Our Lady of Victory The Saga of an African American Catholic Community


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Welcome to my blog
All About Supporting Indie Authors

 Take a ride on the 2016 Book & Blog Party tour bus with me today. There are some fabulous prizes just for leaving a comment.



Get your Amazon Kindle Downloads for a new and improved

“Crazy Hot and Living On The Edge”



 by Shirley Harris-Slaughter

 About This Book…..

Imagine experiencing emotions that have you questioning your sanity. Your body gets overheated at the least bit of excitement and you scramble to find a fan or some air. Or you find yourself in the throes of a panic attack and can’t understand how to shut it off, so you are filled with anxiety wondering when the next one is coming. What if every time you take a drug you experience side-affects that you are warned about on the label?

The title was conceived in my mind after I thought over all the situations I had found myself in, how I got out of them, and the affect all of this had on my overall physical and mental well-being.


Crazy! Hot! And Living On the Edge!! Is the True Story of My Upside Down Life!

 A reader stated it better than I ever could when she placed emphasis on my journey from a personal perspective of storytelling. Other readers felt like I didn’t do enough of it. Everybody took something away from having read it.   


I recall one night, while preparing my baby son for bed, I sat down and laid him on my chest to rock him to sleep. Suddenly, I started to feel this tightness in my chest. It felt like I was being squeezed and it got worse and worse until I was writhing in agony and pain. I had difficulty breathing. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. My mother called for help, but when the police arrived and offered to take me down to Detroit Receiving Hospital, she exclaimed:  “Over my dead body! You are not taking my daughter downtown!”

At that time, Receiving Hospital had a reputation for admitting a lot of violent criminals and crime victims and she didn’t want me in that environment. So the officers left. Fortunately, they returned with the decision to take me somewhere closer to home. We rode to Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital aka Sinai-Grace Hospital, right in our neighborhood. The doctors went through the normal line of questioning, including personal inquiries about my marital status. When I told them I was separated from my husband, they looked at me with a sympathetic but knowing expression on their faces.

“OK,” one of them said, “That explains it all.”

The doctors went on to explain that cases such as mine – a young woman having sudden episodes of anxiety — were all too common. They called them panic attacks. They prescribed valium which helped control the symptoms. That night, I learned what stress can do to you…practically kill you.

Around that time, I began to feel despondent. I was so ashamed of my life and the bad choices I had made. I also continued to experience more and more episodes. Then, one day my mother looked at me and said: “Maybe you need to go back to your husband.”

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that my mother didn’t understand why I filed for a divorce. She supported me in every way possible. However, she was worried about my health and finally decided that I would feel better if I worked out the problems in my relationship.

I remember saying, “No mom, just let me get through this. I’ll get over it no matter what it takes!”   I may have been sick and filled with despair, but I refused to go back to him.

My doctor referred me to a psychologist for several sessions. During my first session, the psychologist just stared at me. Beyond introducing himself, he literally didn’t open his mouth to say much of anything.  We sat there for an hour staring at each other. It became very uncomfortable for me. Finally I said, “It’s been nice knowing you but I think I can handle this on my own. I’ll call you if I need you in the future.”

And I thought I was crazy!…..


 Listen to this trailer, produced by 4WillsPublishing. It kind of grows on you…

Crazy Hot Book Trailer



OLV  by Shirley Harris-Slaughter

One act set in motion a chain of events that threatened one Catholic community’s ability to thrive.

It happened between 1945 and 1946 at the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Detroit in the Chancellor’s office. Msgr. John C. Ryan called an emergency meeting with the cardinal…

And so the stage was set for the years of turmoil that followed and the subsequent demise of this once vibrant church. Here comes the author who gives the reader an intimate look at her church, the township she grew up in, and its historical significance to World War II, Henry Ford’s auto plant, migration from the south, and the housing crisis that was unfolding.

The reader is introduced to the pioneers of this West Eight Mile Community who helped shape and establish this community that shaped her. But the book takes a different turn as the research uncovers forgotten secrets…

 DeCneudt #28

Watch the OLV book trailer!



To my dismay, most folks, both in and outside of our community, have never heard of Detroit’s Our Lady of Victory Church. Most of those who worshipped there are not aware of its legacy. And those who lived it are not inclined to talk about it much. But we should commend the black folks who contributed to the development of both the West Eight Mile Community and the church. They left a legacy to be proud of. They were making history; those of us who lived it became a part of it and reaped the benefits.

This book will present the facts—and some of those facts may not make for pleasant reading. I make no apologies since I had nothing to do with making the policies that shaped Our Lady of Victory and our lives; I was only a recipient. I ask that you understand that I am only the messenger. I ask this because I was totally unprepared for the hostile reaction that occurred after an early draft of the manuscript was read. I was told that the story was fascinating but that I shouldn’t expect support. It was only after I received the encouragement of someone else in the diocese along with my husband’s support that I continued to forge ahead. However, I did go back and take another look at the history; I decided to remove my personal opinions from the historic narrative and talk about my memories in a separate section Part I. In that way, the historical facts are not distorted. But the fact is that black people have always been on the receiving end of the negative consequences of racism. So why must we always bear the guilt for exposing it?

On a larger scale, I felt compelled to write this book because Our Lady of Victory’s story is being overlooked by historians and others who write about black Catholics. For example, The History of Black Catholics, by Cyprian Davis, makes no specific mention of Our Lady of Victory. There are references to the Oblate Sisters of Providence, but nothing specifically tied to the church and school. Heritage of Faith, written by Detroit’s Religious Bicentennial Task Force, completely missed Our Lady of Victory’s history as well. The archdiocese has written special articles and booklets on the history of black Catholics in Detroit, but its own records list Our Lady of Victory as beginning in 1975 when it merged with Presentation. These slights and omissions must be corrected.

Fast Forward To Today…

The struggle continues. Our building is gone and we are sharing space with another church in the chapel. The black Catholic Church is dying and the mega churches are taking over. I keep getting this underlying feeling that black folks do not like the Catholic Church and have nothing good to say about it. I discovered during past book events that some in my audience had bad experiences with the nuns and/or a priest. Most of them never converted to Catholicism and so the Black Catholic Church could not be sustained. I put up a FB post and there is no comment, nothing, zilch!

All I’ve ever known is Catholicism and there is nothing in a protestant church that moves me. It seems like something is missing. And yet I am conflicted about the Catholic Church because of the many conflicts that they don’t or won’t address.

Get your copy here!

 I thank you so much for stopping by today. Please keep following the tour here. Let’s keep this party going and win more fabulous prizes!





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It is my pleasure and privilege to host Yvette Calliero on my blog today. I am a fan of her work and thrilled to introduce her to my followers. On this tour Yvette will talk at great length about how she named her characters and because I read this book, it should prove to be quite a story. So lets give Yvette a warm support and a warm welcome!!



Who’s Who in Caelagios?


Yvette Calleiro


Part of writing a novel in which you are creating a new world is coming up with terminology that describes them.  I grew up reading CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein, so I loved fantasy and the weird names that came with it.  When trying to decide what to call my new beings, I knew that I wanted the name to be connected to their purpose in life.  I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, so I decided to borrow some terms from the Latin and Greek times.

My new beings were created to heal and protect humans, so I looked up those two words in Greek and Latin.  Almost immediately, their name stood out to me.  In Greek, sodzo means to protect, to save, and to heal.  Also in Greek, dia-sodzo means to save and heal thoroughly, to make perfectly whole.  And so, my Diasodz were born!  The singular and plural forms vary based on the pronunciation of the z at the end of the word.  If it is singular, the z is silent.  If it is plural, it is pronounced.

There are two classes of Diasodz.  Neither one is superior, though some of the Diasodz would argue with me.  The Altorus class is made of the protectors.  In the old times, they were the soldiers, the warriors, and the police.  The Curatus class (in Latin, curatio means to heal or care for) are the healers.  They were the medicine men, the doctors and nurses.

Within the Diasodz, there is an oracle who gives very cryptic prophecies.  There are also the Elders (love them).  The Elders are the highest court of their world.  There are five of them, each representing an element: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.  They are very powerful.  No one can look upon them without losing his/her eyesight.  They take no shape and are recognized by the color of the robes that they wear.

Of course, the Diasodz have an enemy.  Their enemy strives to destroy them and prevent them from helping humans.  For them, I went with the word raze, meaning to tear down or demolish.  They became the Raizyns.  Their class structure is a little more complicated than the Diasodz.  First, let’s start with the fact that Raizyns are Diasodz who have turned their back on their Goddess and chosen to follow Lucifer.  There is a Raizyn King and Queen who are allowed to keep their Diasodz form.  There are Diasodz who pledge their loyalty but do not swear a soul oath.  There are just a few of these because Lucifer is not a very trusting person.  And then there are those who swear a soul oath.

In order to join Lucifer’s army, He requires a Diasodz to give his soul over to his cause.  After giving his oath, if he/she should ever betray the Raizyns’ cause, he/she would perish.  It’s a big deal because when they make the soul oath, they lose most of their Diasodz powers and they lose their Diasodz looks.

If they were an Altorus as a Diasodz, then they become a demon as a Raizyn.  The more power they had as a Diasodz, the greater a demon they become.  Demons keep more of their human looks, but their skin takes on a gray tinge and their eyes become a shade of yellow.  Demons are very strong and many are very powerful.

If they were a Curatus as a Diasdoz, then they become a deminion as a Raizyn.  When I first thought up the word in 2010, I looked for it online to see if it meant what I wanted it to mean, and there was no information anywhere for the word.  Now, it’s everywhere. Go figure!  I wanted a lesser demon, but that sounded boring.  My son was watching The Minions one day, and I just put the two together and got deminions.  It sounded good to me, so I went with it. lol!  Deminions are hideous creatures.  Think tiny versions of the orcs from Lord of the Rings.  Creepy and vicious!

And all of these crazy beings call Caelagios their home away from Earth.  So, how did I come up with Caelagios?  Heavenly in Latin is caelestis or caelum.  Sanctuary in Greek is hagios.  I wanted their home away from Earth to be their heavenly sanctuary.  So, Caelagios it became!🙂

Hope you enjoyed a little vocabulary 101 for the world of my Diasodz.🙂

TheOneDiscovered - Cover Design 10

The One Discovered


Yvette Calleiro


How do you choose when both options have dire consequences?


Sofia is a 17 year old who is quite content with her life.  She has a caring boyfriend who also just happens to be her best friend since birth.  She has a loving mother.  She is successfully completing her last year of high school and enjoys her part-time job.  She can’t imagine wanting more from her life…until Ar’ch (pronounced Ar-rick) enters her dreams, sparking a burning flame inside of her that she can’t seem to extinguish nor does she want to.


Ar’ch is a Diasodz (Die-ah-sodz), a species created by the Goddess back when God created humans.  Diasodz were made to heal and protect humans, but when the Diasodz turned their backs on helping humans and left Earth to live in their own world, the Goddess abandoned them.  Since then, their powers and their very lives have been fading.  A prophecy foretold that a young girl born on Earth would be the Diasodz’s savior.  Ar’ch and his brother, Angel, travel to Earth to retrieve her and bring her back to their world before her death day in order to save their kind.  Ar’ch knows the drill: find the target, capture her, and safely bring her home.  But what happens when the target captures his dormant heart?


Choices create action.  Actions have consequences.  When faced with the truth, what choice will Sofia make?  Will she be able to accept the consequences that follow?

You can find Yvette’s entire tour lineup here!

To learn more about Yvette M. Calleiro, or to purchase, The One Discovered, please visit:


Facebook: http://facebook.com/yvettemcalleiro

Website: http://yvettemcalleiro.blogspot.com




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Traditional vs Indie: My Little Two Cents…again. #RRBC


Watch Nonnie Write!

Recently, I wrote a post where I briefly spoke on the difference between being traditionally published and Indie published;  that post was called “Why I Choose To Be An Indie Author.”  A fellow RRBC member, who is traditionally published, made a comment to the effect that you have more promotion and support, etc., when you are traditionally published.  Well, here I am again, dropping my little two-cents on that matter.

While watching a talk show earlier today (I sometimes have to take breathers, you know), there was an author who writes under the umbrella of one of my genres.  These days, anytime I am watching a talk show or a news program and the word author pops up, I immediately run to my computer to look the author up.  I belong to an organization of such awesome people, that who knows, it could be a fellow member of mine…

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Lincoln Cole is on a 4WILLSPUBLISHING Blog Tour and today he is taking us on a PERSONAL INTERVIEW.  Lets give Lincoln a great bit welcome and set out the hospitality…



What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Living a quiet life surrounded by family and friends.


What is your greatest fear?

Losing the people I love.


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I can be very withdrawn and unsure of my decisions. I don’t like to step up.


What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Meanness. I don’t like people who mistreat others.


What is your current state of mind?

Depressed after losing my sister. She and I were very close, and it’s been hard moving on.


What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Athleticism. Playing a sport doesn’t make a person a hero.


On what occasion do you lie?

I don’t like to lie, and I’m not good at it.


What or who is the greatest love of your life?

I haven’t fallen in love yet, so I’m still waiting.


Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be able to speak more languages. Right now, I only know two.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would be better at picking something and sticking with it.


What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Being alone.


What is your favorite occupation?

Doctors work really hard to protect and help people, so I think that’s my answer.


What do you most value in your friends?

An openness to new ideas.


What is it that you most dislike?

Hatred and intolerance.


What is your greatest regret?

I didn’t realize my sister was so sick, and I didn’t spend enough time with her before she passed. I miss her.


How would you like to die?

I’d rather not die, if possible.


What is your motto?

Pay it forward and good things will come.


Lincoln Cole




Website: http://www.LincolnCole.net

Raven’s Peak: http://www.LincolnCole.net/ravens-peak

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LincolnJCole

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LincolnJCole

Newsletter: http://www.LincolnCole.net/signup

Author Central: http://www.amazon.com/Lincoln-Cole/e/B00AUIOU3A

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7MhpGIAWkU


“The tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com.”




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This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on Watch Nonnie Write!:
People wonder why I sometimes refer to myself as “Careful Chooser of Words.”  If I’ve had a recent visit to see the doctor, I get phone calls from family and friends, asking: “Well, what…

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Blog Tour: Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko #RRBC

Good post Joy!

KC Books & Music




Book CoverVoices of Four Igbo Women (An Excerpt)

Njide’s Life Journey Begins
After several years of studying music at the conservatories of Rome, Pesaro, and Florence in Italy, Njide is back in Lagos, working as a music producer at Radio Nigeria in Lagos. She is at her table at Radio Nigeria, in a room she shares with three other producers, when she sees someone coming through the corridor to her office. She recognizes him immediately, and surprised and happy to see him, she jumps out of her chair to greet him.
“Hey, Sam!” she says as her face lights up. “When did you come back?” They embrace, and she drags him into her office.
“I have been back for a while. Unilag invited me back to set up a music department at the university, and now I need teachers.”

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It is my pleasure to host Karen Ingalls today. Please welcome Karen and lets support her by leaving a comment, sharing this post and purchasing her book. And now….




Today’s interview is with Murray Clark (aka Michael St Germain).

He is the main character from Novy’s Son, The Selfish Genius.

  1.  Mr. Clark, you had to move three times and change schools when you were a young lad. How did you feel about those major changes?

         The first time I was scared and angry. I was only five and did not understand why having a new brother or sister would mean I had to leave my parents and home. But, I loved Uncle Leon and Aunt Helen and I had a good time there.


  1. You had jealousy with your brother, Richard. Did you ever resolve those feelings?

I don’t think my brother or dad knew about my jealousy though my mother did. And, I still have jealousy of him. He seemed so perfect, likable and smart. He could do no wrong. If he had lived a full life, I suppose he and Helen would have married and told Karen the truth of her birth. I don’t think I could have stood for that.


  1.  What made your relationship with Grace so special?

She was the first and only woman with whom I could be totally myself. She was smart, beautiful, and a good listener. As I look back she reminded me of my mother though they did not look alike. Her life was cut short and I will always be angry about that.


  1.  Who are you angry at? You appear to be angry with so many people and events throughout your life.

I had to give this question a lot of thought. In the end, I guess I am angry that my life was so hard. My dad was so strict and no matter what I did it not seem to please him. And, if there is a God (which I do not think there is) I am very angry at Him. He caused the early deaths of Uncle Leon, Aunt Helen, and Grace all of whom I loved. And I am angry that He took Richard at such a young age from which Dad never recovered.


  1.   A final question: Do you think you were a good father to Joan and Karen?

I wish I could answer that with a yes. I was a better father to Karen, but as I look back I was wrong to disown Joan. I should have tried to work things out with her, but I had so much going against me. Her mother hated me and was always doing things to put a wedge between my daughters and me.

          I regret how I treated Karen those last years. I see now that she always acted in my best interest and did everything possible to help me. I blamed her for my finances, health, and living situation the last years of my life.

          With all my faults as a father, I did love my daughters and tried to do the best I knew how.


Author Info:

Karen Ingalls Pic

Karen Ingalls is a retired registered nurse with a master’s degree in human development, which was a double major in psychology and human services. She is the author of the award winning book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir from which all proceeds are donated to gynecologic cancer research. Her second novel is Davida: Model & Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Her first novel, Novy’s Son challenges the reader to examine the issues of alcoholism, sexual addiction, and family dynamics. She has also written poetry, short stories, and has had articles published for professional journals. Karen also does presentations to promote her books and on subjects of health/wellness.


Connect with Karen:








The tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com

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Welcome to my blog…

This is worth sharing.

Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!!I am pleased to welcome another fabulous "SPOTLIGHT" Author to my blog today... Kim Cox!! Please help me shower her with support today and all this week as she journeys thru the RRBC SPOTLIGHT!!!

Congrats, Kim!! Enjoy your special week!!!!

Top 10 Time Management Tips for #WritersDo you feel there’s just not enough time in the day anymore? Do you look back and feel like you used to accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time?I don’t know about you, but I sure do. I can remember while working a full-time job and then after coming home, I cooked supper, did the dishes, straightened the house, and still had time to get online with my critique partners to chat and write for an hour or two a night. And besides that, I had a teenager at home.But these days, I do…

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Hey, Don’t U Post About Ur Book W/out A Hashtag! #RRBC

I’ll share this with my followers.

Watch Nonnie Write!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but I really wanted to stop  you before you sent out another promo tweet on your book without using a hashtag!  Many don’t know the power of using hashtags on Twitter.  Hashtags are a great way to bring attention to your book or anything else you’re promoting.  When folks head to Twitter, they use the Twitter search box just as they would a Google Search.  For instance, if they are looking for inspirational quotes, they will enter #InspirationalQuotes into the Twitter Search box and every inspirational quote that someone has posted using that hashtag, will populate!  If someone were to enter #RaveReviewsBookClub or #RRBC, they would find thousands upon thousands of tweets of the club’s members, promoting their books using those hashtags, and also, any and everything else that has been shared using the hashtags.

Now, when I’m supporting books, whether my own…

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