It is an honor and a privilege to have you, Jeffery Von Glahn, grace my site today because I have been mesmerized by your book topic. I was introduced to your work when you were featured in a blog tour promoted by 4WillsPublishing. I have been intrigued ever since.

But I missed the fact that you are from Michigan! Ann Arbor at that…the place that spawns artist and intellectuals. Jeffrey I’m from Michigan too. You are the third person in this club that I know of who is a Michigan native. So we have something in common.
I stopped at some of your tours and now that you are my selection for the BT Pay It Forward Week, I purchased my very own copy of “Jessica.”  So Jeffery today is devoted to you and all things about you!!


Jeffrey Von Glahn is a Psychotherapist, Ph.D. He wrote a mind blowing book called Jessica, The Autobiography of an Infant. The sessions were like listening to an infant who could talk and describe her experience as it was happening.

 Jessica by Jeffrey Von Glahn

 Book Excerpt:

“A few minutes before, Jessica had said, “”I now know all that I feel and why.”” Now, in a decidedly different tone of voice, she said, “”But I still don’t know me or even if a me really exists….I’m trying to find her, and I can’t!””
She dug her fingertips into my back. “”I can’t find my me. She’s been lost! Are you sure she’s there?””
My reassurance had no effect. The secret terror that had haunted her before she had had words for it, came gushing out.
“”I’m not even sure she exists anymore, or if she didn’t just die, or if she didn’t just leave somewhere. Will you help me find her? I can’t. I can’t find her anywhere. She’s gone! Ow! No! No!””
“”My me never had a chance. As soon as I got my hands on it, somebody ripped it away from me!”” “


 Jessica had always been haunted by the fear that the unthinkable had happened when she had been “made-up.” For as far back as she could remember, she had no sense of a Self. Her mother thought of her as the “perfect infant” because “she never wanted anything and she never needed anything.” As a child, just thinking of saying “I need” or “I want” left her feeling like an empty shell and that her mind was about to spin out of control. Terrified of who––or what––she was, she lived in constant dread over being found guilty of impersonating a human being.

Jeffrey Von Glahn, Ph.D., an experienced therapist with an unshakable belief in the healing powers of the human spirit, and Jessica, blaze a trail into this unexplored territory. As if she has, in fact, become an infant again, Jessica remembers in extraordinary detail events from the earliest days of her life––events that threatened to twist her embryonic humanness from its natural course of development. Her recollections are like listening to an infant who could talk describe every psychologically dramatic moment of its life as it was happening.
When Dr. Von Glahn met Jessica, she was 23. Everyone regarded her as a responsible, caring person – except that she never drove and she stayed at her mother’s when her husband worked nights.
For many months, Jessica’s therapy was stuck in an impasse. Dr. Von Glahn had absolutely no idea that she was so terrified over simply talking about herself. In hopes of breakthrough, she boldly asked for four hours of therapy a day, for three days a week, for six weeks. The mystery that was Jessica cracked open in dramatic fashion, and in a way that Dr. Von Glahn could never have imagined. Then she asked for four days a week – and for however long it took. In the following months, her electrifying journey into her mystifying past brought her ever closer to a final confrontation with the events that had threatened to forever strip her of her basic humanness…

Author Q & A

*What do you hope the world will learn from your book?​

That emotional/psychological development starts at birth – and perhaps even sooner. What can possibly be more important than knowing the optimal conditions for an infant’s physical and psychological development? From my point of view, all of the social/economic/political issues in the world are actually people problems; ones that people who are more psychologically healthy than not would never allow to happen. The well-known humanistic psychologist from the The Sixties, Abraham Maslow, wrote that what we think of as psychologically healthy is really a mild psychopathology of the average that’s so commonplace that we don’t recognize it as such. I agree 100%. Also, the overall field of mental health and the practice of psychotherapy in particular will be far more effective than it is if crying is viewed as a powerful healing experience.
*What was so profound about your patient Jessica that compelled you to write this story?

Her remembering and recovering from psychologically hurtful events from the earliest days of her life is, by far, the most astounding human experience I know of. I am so fortunate that Jessica didn’t give up on me as her therapist and made her bold request for multiple-hour sessions for several days a week. If she hadn’t, this book would never have been written.

*Is this your first book?

It’s my first published book. I spent three years writing a novel before I started writing Jessica. The time frame was 35 years in the future, actually 2015! In 1980, a Ph.D. psychologist, aged 85, was the presidential candidate of the People’s party. With a month to go before the election and tied for the lead in the polls, he mysteriously disappeared. In 2015, a young Ph.D. psychologist is writing a book about him. He gets too close to finding out why that happened when he meets his new girlfriend’s grandfather, and then he also suddenly disappears. It had an agency-wide review by a top literary agent because he couldn’t make up his mind, but he declined to take it. He said the idea of dual-protagonists wasn’t viable. I thought it was quite clever. I immediately started writing Jessica. Since the 1990s, I’ve had 6 professional articles in psychotherapy journals, all on the method of treatment I used with Jessica.

*How long have you been writing?

Seriously, since 1977. Started with a few short stories. Wrote several over a year or two, never had one published, although a few people I knew who were able to have an objective opinion thought I showed “some talent.” One said that what most impressed her was how the next sentence picked up on what was implied in the previous one, and the writing just flowed. That knack of paying attention subtle cues is a direct result of being a therapist.

*What can we expect from you next?

Two possibilities. A small book for the public, tentatively titled: Saving psychotherapy from itself. Very briefly, the mental health system doesn’t believe in emotional release, such as crying, as having any long term benefit. From my view, the MH system is in the same state that medicine was in before the discovery of microorganisms and antibiotics; i.e., there’s no clear understanding of what causes problems and what cures them. The MH system thinks too much in terms of physical causes and medications. The other idea is tentatively titled: Cooperation or competition: Which would you choose? In short, what would a society be like if the purpose of government was to promote the physical and social welfare of its citizens compared to one that based on competition?

*Since Jessica, have you explored with other patients their recounts of memories from infancy?

No. That’s never happened again. I don’t ask; it has to come up in a spontaneous way. It’s actually quite rare. There’s just a few books and articles about remembering being born, and there’s a professional association: The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. The book about Jessica stands alone. There’s nothing that even comes close.

*Since this is a topic new to most, how do you think your findings about Jessica’s recounts of her infancy are being received by the general public?

I haven’t received sufficient feedback from enough people. Until very recently, it’s only spread by word of mouth. I’ve been too involved in academic writing. Undoubtedly, women will be more interested and supportive than men. It has received a strong recommendation from an entertainment company as a potential movie for the theater or TV, but as yet no contract. I always imagined a TV movie; never entertained the idea of a film – still don’t.

*Have you encountered those who didn’t “believe” that this story was in fact based on true events?

Not yet, but I’m 100% certain it will happen. I’m ready with a response: What would convince you that it is or isn’t true? After the person answers, I’ll give mine. I was there. I saw the very positive effect it had on her life.

*Have you encountered those who said “There is no way an infant can remember anything about its birth?”

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in person who adamantly said so. There have been several who found it hard to believe. I immediately agree with them. There are plenty of my professional colleagues who don’t think it’s possible. The first known article about it appeared in a medical journal in France in the 1890s!

*What is Jessica’s relationship with her mom today?

Her mother passed away at age 58 in 1990 (Jessica and I met in 1977). She had a very, very difficult childhood, which Jessica was very aware of. Jessica had great respect for her dedication to raising five children as a single parent, starting when the oldest was 8. When I interviewed Dorothy, the only question I asked her was: “I wonder if you tell me whatever you remember about what Jessica was like as an infant.” For various reasons, I didn’t mention any of Jessica’s other recalls. Jessica had already told her about remembering her birth, to which Dorothy’s immediate response was, “I never told you any of that!”

*How is Jessica doing/coping today?

She has completely recovered from her various fears/phobias/etc. Despite all that,   she always found a way to cope, though no one ever knew what was going on inside of her. Her various fears were just tolerated by those few who actually knew about them. After graduating from college with honors in her early 30s, while working part-time and raising a daughter, she’s had a very successful twenty-five year career where she interacted in an engaging and ongoing way with many people of varying ages and backgrounds. She also obtained two graduate degrees in her field. She is very active in her community, and has won awards/recognition for her activities. She has developed many deeply satisfying relationships with others, including a number from different backgrounds. They are all quite envious of her ability to understand human behavior, especially infants. They are all also envious of her ability to have a quick, deep cry, 15-20 seconds, and look so refreshed and immediately get back to what she had been doing. Married for a second time at 42. Lost her husband to cancer seven years later. Didn’t have any more children. My fervent wish is that someday a book will be published about her life and her therapy from her perspective.


Jeffrey Von Glahn is a client of 4WillsPublishing and was featured in a week long blog tour in December, 2014 and January, 2015. That is how I got to know him. At his facebook party he was the guest along with two other authors. And his event was featured at Goodreads and other social venues. He is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club.

Jeffrey Von Glahn wrote his Dissertation in 1994 along with several publications including Jessica. He went to Valley Stream Central High School and studied at Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Jessica Book Trailer

Where to Buy…

JESSICA: The Autobiography of an Infant –On sale at AMAZON

Twitter Handle: @JeffreyVonGlahn
Facebook Party: https://www.facebook.com/events/793591574010565/
Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1KMiLeN
Blog: http://newideasinpsychotherapy.wordpress.com
Website: jeffreyvonglahn.com

I hope you’ve gotten to know Dr. Jeffrey Von Glahn a little bit more and will support him by picking up a copy of his book and sharing this blog to your friends and followers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pay it forward.

Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Author & Speaker
Rave Reviews Book Club Honorary Board Member

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Today you got selected!

And so I am dedicating this day to you! I am pulling out all the stops.

So Enjoy!

Linda Mims


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This notice epitomizes what Linda is all about, bringing recognition to issues that are near and dear to her heart. She tweets about everything. She is all about promoting baby boomers and women in particular. She even has a name for it – Boomacious! That’s going to be the new word in the English dictionary I betcha!. Her website, Boomacious says it all. Lifestyle’s For Today’s Baby Boomer Woman.

Here is an excerpt:

About Boomacious

Who is the Boomacious woman! It’s a woman who is so fabulously happy to transition into the second phase of her life that even God is excited for her. A Boomacious woman embraces her age, weight, marital status, and any perceived shortcomings and never allows them to stop her show. She doesn’t care what people think, or what they do. She has learned to live and let live. That is Boomacious!

“Boomacious”, the blog, is dedicated to this woman!

Boomacious women lead businesses! Are entrepreneurs! Care for elderly parents! Process decisions daily about housing, food, clothing, automobiles, investments, etc. for multi-generational families…


Anything that is important to Linda– she will try to keep up with it as she informs her followers. She pushes features that showcase the late Gilda Radner while telling us to take our Hats Off to Mom on Mother’s Day. She re-posted a piece for Grammy Nominated “Trust Me” by Richard Smallwood.

I was scanning a facebook page when I stumbled across a post by Linda –
Short Hair don’t care!

It’s a drawing of a beautiful brown woman with what else? Short hair!

Linda is a retired diva who lives in the Midwest Region of the USA. She is a motivational speaker, a tweeter and a blogger. And she is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club.

Please take a moment to leave a comment, or share this page with your followers. I’m sure Linda will get a boom out of this!

Blog: http://Boomacious.com
Twitter Handle: @boom_lyn

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Thank you so much for visiting my site today to support Linda Mims. This is called Paying It Forward. This is what we do at Rave Reviews Book Club.

Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Author
Rave Reviews Book Club, Honorary Board Member




May 9, 2015

They laid out the welcome mat in a big way. I was met at the airport and taken to the Holiday Inn where I was staying, and where the booksigning was held — in the Beale St. Suite. The Ladies Day Committee of the Parish of St. Josephine Bakhita, decorated the room beautifully. They created a poster that was prominently displayed on a table and they put out the books and posters that I brought as well. That is where I sat to do the booksigning.

I also brought a few copies of my new release and Fr. Girard bought the first copy. We all laughed at that because as you know that title is Crazy! Hot! And Living On The Edge!! – not a title you would want to flash around a man of the cloth. It was too funny.  Folks started buying the books and so I started signing. This segment was supposed to be the last but the speaking part ended up being last. We all went with the flow.

Anyway, I spoke for about 45 minutes to an hour and took questions and answers. I also was fortunate to get someone to take video clips and they did a good job of keeping it pretty focused. Using the tripod helped a lot as well.

May 10, 2015

I got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and packed up my bags for an early checkout because I would be gone and wouldn’t be back in time to do a late checkout so had to take my bags with me. Ida Waters my host and the person who made all this happen, took me to church for the 11:00 am mass. They had a program printed with me as the featured guest speaker. It was called “Mothers…A Light in a Dark World – Evangelizers of Families.”

Father Girard cleared out his speaking time in order to make room for my speech. I was really nervous by then but I left it up to God to get me through it and I did a pretty good job of keeping everybody’s attention. I have no idea how long I spoke. I was supposed to watch Ida to get a signal but somehow I managed to come to a close. The main thing was getting through it and getting the message across. My speech was about Church History and Evangelization, and I have to say that my stories fit exactly into the theme.

After Fr. Gerard Marable finished the Homily I was introduced by Nancy Whatley Griffin. I was told to wear pink and white and I complied. After mass was over, we went downstairs in the basement for a Meet and Greet the Author — yours truly.

I was so humbled and in awe for how they took care of me. They are now my second family and if I am ever in New Jersey, I know where to go.

I am so thankful for Ida Waters coming into my life from the internet. She found my book online and ordered several copies from Barnes and Noble in New Jersey. And that encounter began our relationship. Plus we belong to the Knights of St. Peter Claver, Ladies Auxiliary in our respective churches. That sealed the relationship.

Book Event Video Clips:

17 Second Clip: https://youtu.be/6RvWX6ZJHrg

2 Min Clip Pre-Event: https://youtu.be/3UiEa0Czf7w

AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL: http://amzn.to/1ctIjTJ

My selection is Jennie Sherwin!

Hello my good friends.
Today is my day to participate in the


My selection is Jennie Sherwin


And now, I want you all to meet Jennie Sherwin whom I have had the pleasure to know for over a year now. I met her through a mutual friend of ours, Kathryn C. Treat who brought her to the Rave Reviews Book Club family.

I hosted Jennie when she was promoting her first release “Intentional Healing” as RRBC’s Spotlight Author. She was our very first SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR and she got a lot of mileage out of that promotion.

This is so exciting to me because I do know Jennie and couldn’t be more pleased to have her on my blog all day long. It is such an honor and a pleasure to have Jennie once again.

Today is “Jennie’s Day”!! I am devoting this whole day to her. So please get acquainted! Let’s pay it forward!!

Jennie Sherwin has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in counseling. She is the author of Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses and is a contributing writer to Conscious Life News. She has been a teacher of English on the junior high school and senior high school levels, as well as a writer and editor in the field of public health. She has mentored writers and editors. She is certified in Reiki I and II and has studied energy therapies at A Healing Place in Richardson, Texas, working under the direction of Deborah Singleton and her healing team. Jennie also acknowledges the guidance of Christine Gregg, Australian spirit reader and healer, and Maya Page, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, and VortexHealing® practitioner, now retired. In Baltimore, Maryland, where she lives with her husband, Roger, Jennie writes about the environment and health, healing, consciousness, and chemical sensitivity. With Roger, a retired physician/epidemiologist, she provides medical editing services to busy researchers needing assistance in preparing peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, books, and other publications. Her son, Colin, lives and works in New York City.

Jennie is a contributing writer to Conscious Life News. She blogs about books, healing, the environment, and health.

More about Jennie…


I grew up in a small town in New Jersey and have always loved reading and writing. In one way or another I’ve put that interest to good use. I was a teacher of English for seven years before landing my dream job at Random House. As a member of the human resources department I didn’t work directly in publishing; however, one of my duties, the production of “News at Random” (the employee newsletter), brought me into contact with some of the editors I came to know and admire. A project at Random House led to my considering and accepting an offer to work in the consulting industry. For the past twenty-three years I’ve worked as a writer and editor in the field of public health, first as an employee of large organizations and then as a self-employed freelancer. My life has taken a new direction as a result of guidance from the mentors I name in my book and years of meditation that led to a change in consciousness. Nevertheless, I still work with researchers and writers who wish to produce books and articles for publication.

I blog about the environment and health, diet and health, healing and consciousness, the human energy system, books, and writers.

Buy Jennie’s Book – http://amzn.to/1DyLFuw

*Website: http://jsherwinblog.wordpress.com
*Twitter: @JennieSherwin
*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/booksbyjenniesherwin

Go find Jennie:  http://bit.ly/SHarrriSlaughter

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Please allow me to introduce the one and only Nonnie Jules. Listen to what she has to say and join in the conversation.

Thank you all for allowing me to celebrate INTERNATIONAL POETRY MONTH with you by sharing excerpts from my first co-authored poetry book “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” The Poetry of Forbidden Love. Here is a bit of the book’s introduction below:
“Ever read poetry that was so soothing, so mellow, and just so perfectly sweet, you felt it should have been a love song? “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” is just that kind of poetry…but it’s also poetry written about forbidden love.
Back in the summer of 2014, I was approached by an up-and-coming author by the name of Giani Jordan. Giani said that he had been following my writing for over a year and was extremely impressed. He was reaching out to me because he wanted to collaborate on a poetry book. Well, since I didn’t know Giani and wouldn’t attach my name or my writing with just anyone, I asked if he would send me a few samples of his work, and he did. I was blown away by the intensity and the depth of this man’s writing, and wanted to know more about this person he clearly was in love with and was writing so fervently about.”
In summation, Giani was in love with a woman {Christine}, who belonged to another, and to make this situation even more complicated, he, himself was also involved in a relationship.
The “snippet” of poetry below speaks of the forbidden love which Giani and Christine share and how it all came to be. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this. Enjoy!


A woman and a man
Belonging to others
Becoming friends.
There was no
Plan to fall
Into forbidden love.

Many miles
Are between them
By a tenuous
Cyber link,
It grew relentlessly
This forbidden love.

Communing by days
Became hours and minutes;
Transforming their realities
In unforeseen ways into
Unfamiliar feelings
Of forbidden love…

If you’d like to read the balance of this particular piece, I invite you to pick up your own copy of “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” The Poetry of Forbidden Love on Amazon. I’d also like to invite you to follow this tour in its entirety as each day, at each stop, you will find more and more of these love songs without music, and even more reasons to fall in love with your lover, and Poetry, again. If you aren’t in love when you start reading this book, you will go seeking a love afterwards.

1If Only There Was Music book cover
Please visit my complete tour line-up HERE, and at each stop that you leave a comment (including this one), your name will be entered that number of times, into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!!
Thanks to my awesome host for today and thanks for stopping by, dear Guests. I hope to see you every day throughout this amazing tour to help keep Poetry alive!!! Always remember, that Love IS Poetry…they’re truly one in/and the same.

Author Bio:
Nonnie Jules is a mom, a wife, an author and also President of Rave Reviews Book Club. Her passion is children and her advocacy lies in supporting others and encouraging others to do the same. She has authored other fine books such as: “The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters,” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND (A Novel),” and “Sugarcoatin’ Is For Candy & Pacifyin’ Is For Kids!
Although Poetry should be celebrated every day of the year, the month of April has been set aside specifically to lift it up, and so this is why Nonnie has embarked on this blog tour to keep it alive and bring awareness to the fact that Poetry is a great medium for release and expressions of all kinds.



SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IRIA014

Twitter: @NonnieJules

This tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com


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All I can say is that I’ve met some phenomenal women in my lifetime. They weren’t world-famous. They were just ordinary people I call angels. They were there for me along life’s bumpy roads.

Joyce Winifred Burkes-Giles

That is my mother. She raised all eight of us single-handedly. We didn’t realize how tough it was because being a child you just don’t fully grasp what grownups are enduring on your behalf.

She was all of 4 feet, 11 inches tall and she was larger than life to me. She put us through school, managed to keep our tuition paid in full, made our clothes, had dinner ready every afternoon when we arrived home from school. And she was always there. She provided the security we needed. We didn’t get the things we wanted but we got what we needed.

I made sure she smelled the roses before she passed on. One Mother’s Day during the end of mass, I stood up in front of the members and told my mother how much I loved her and what she meant to me…that I know we have our mother/daughter conflicts — all the more reason to tell her how much I truly loved her. I think that was the best moment of her life.

Mary Elizabeth Robinson

She is like a second mother to me. She sponsored me during my Confirmation. She used to have my brother and sister and I over to her home for Sunday dinners. It was awesome and I never forgot her kindness to me and my family over the years. We grew closer and closer. After my own mother passed away, I started calling her mom.  Today she is 93 years old and still going strong. She always set an example of living a good Christian life.

Nonnie Jules

She is another phenomenal women I have met along life’s road. She stands out because she is the brainchild behind Rave Reviews Book Club. She started this club and made sure I became a part of it as well. She promoted my first book in a way I never seen done before.
As a client of 4WillsPublishing I received the following perks: a facebook re-launch party; My OLV Book Trailer ; Religion, Rage, and W(r)iting Tour and Author Page.

I gave and got loads of tweet support. Tweets are the backbone of the club and is where you stay connected. My royalty checks are still coming in and that is so exciting! NONNIE’S RAVE REVIEWS – I made the list and you can too! I could go on and on. I’ve never seen anything like it. The main thing is the conversation my book generated, which is what I always wanted.

And now I am invited out of town to speak on my book topic. I truly believe it is a fallout from my exposure in this club. Before Rave Reviews other than my first book launch which was wonderful, I had nothing going and no conversation whatsoever. Nothing, Notta, Zilch!

Here is what Rave Reviews Book Club has done – Profile, Promote and Propel its members in the following ways:

BOOK OF THE MONTH (BOM) – three new selections from three new genres are offered.
SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR – Every four weeks for one full week with a press release and 7-day blog tour sponsored by #RRBC. I was impressed with the press releases and the actual tours. I got so much attention.
WHO’S ON THE SHELF WITH NONNIE JULES – members clamor for this coveted spot. This page remains exclusive forever! Great marketing tool.
MEMBER OF THE MONTH (MOM) – Each month a supportive member is selected
MEMBER OF THE WEEK – They are profiled in the Weekly Club Updates to hundreds of members.
#PUSHTUESDAY – Each Tuesday, a lucky member wakes to find that they have been randomly selected to serve as our #PUSHTUDESAY ((#PT) Winner for the day and are pushed heavily for 24 hours!
*PUSHWEEK – Two #PushTuesday Winners are selected every full first week of the month (Mondays and Fridays)
TWITTER SUPPORT (TST) – Everyday members are promoted on twitter and supported by the members.
Rave Reviews’ best feature is the support it provides the members. Each member gives support and the support comes back to that member. Nonnie Jules ran across my website and raved about how much she liked it. No one on twitter had ever so much as said hello, so to get that was just absolutely amazing to me. I’ve watched her grow this organization in one year up to 600 plus members. That is phenomenal!
She is a hard worker and that’s what you have to be to pull off something of this magnitude. She is changing the face of Indie Authors and that is what makes her a phenomenal woman.

She is the one to watch!

Come on over and join us right here!

Now go here and VOTE….
Blog Recruitment Day Voting Link



Kathryn C. Treat passed away on Sunday, December 21, 2014 @ 2:20 am (California time). On Friday, Dec. 19, after having a wonderful time at the Rave Reviews Book Club’s virtual Christmas party, in a virtual chat room with her fellow RRBC VIP Lounge members, Kathryn informed that she was not feeling well and that she was going to leave. Shortly thereafter, she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and then lapsed into a coma.

Kathryn was an honorary board member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, where she served as Membership Director from Dec. 2013, until September, 2014. Kathryn is the author of “ALLERGIC TO LIFE: MY BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL, COURAGE AND HOPE” . She inspired and encouraged many with this book so if you have not had the pleasure of reading it, please head to Amazon and get your copy.

Allergic To Life by Kathryn C. Treat



Kathryn was a dedicated member of RRBC until her passing and she was one of the most supportive members the club had…not just to one, but to all. Kathryn leaves to mourn her husband, her mother, her two daughters, a son-in-law and two grand-kids (who she adored more than life), as well as her entire RRBC family.

Let us remember Kathryn and honor her memory by always being kind to one another and by always offering our support to another. It’s what she did. It’s how she lived. It’s who she was. In honor, many blogs across the world are memorializing Kathryn today with the same post that you see here. If Kathryn touched your life in anyway, please share your memories and comments below. As everyone who knew Kathryn may not yet know of her home-going, we ask that you also share this page on all your social media forums.

We have erected a memorial page on the Rave Reviews Book Club site that will remain. Please stop by to leave your comments and memories of Kathryn as well, so that her family will get a sense of just how loved she was by many. There you will also find more information on Kathryn and how RRBC has planned to continually honor her in other ways.