#RRBC #PIF WEEK with AUTHOR @julieannhacker!


JHackerImageToday it is my pleasure to host Julie Ann Hacker to my blog post during the first Pay It Forward Week of 2016. So take a look and please share my post, support Julie and get a copy of her book(s).

Here is an introduction to Julie Ann Hacker’s Screaming Ego Books:

The Dead Dance Faster: Unsacred Awakening (The Dead Dance Faster Series) (Volume 1)



The Dead Dance Faster – Spirit Breaker (Book #2)




Go to Julie’s Website (below) to view the rest of her works and her videos:

Email: screamingego@julieannhacker.com
Blog/Website: http://www.julieannhacker.com
Twitter: @julieannhacker
Facebook Page URL:  facebook.com/julieannhacker

As you can see, Julie is a versatile writer with several series to her credit. I want to give you just enough information to appreciate what Julie has to offer and to welcome her with a bang into the Rave Reviews Book Club Family.

Again please share this page and leave a comment so Julie knows you have been here.

Thank you,

Shirley Harris Slaughter, Author
RRBC Honorary Board Member


About Shirley Harris-Slaughter

I love old buildings and history. That's why I ended up writing about the history that surrounded me all of my life - "Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African-American Catholic Community." Plus our church had closed and the school is torn down, so I felt it was imperative that we preserve the history or it would be lost forever.
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20 Responses to #RRBC #PIF WEEK with AUTHOR @julieannhacker!

  1. myrddinsheir says:

    “The Dead Dance Faster” is a great title – makes me think of writers like Raymond Chandler. It’s great to have you on board Julie, and thank you, Shirley, for hosting


  2. jinlobify says:

    I nearly missed this one. Thank you Shirley for tweeting, and sharing it. And good to know you Julie. Can you see how great our #RRBC is? We give great support! :). I hope you enjoyed your day.


    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter says:

      Joy its all I can do to keep up with the various ways we authors are supported, so don’t feel bad. I’m glad you came no matter how late.


  3. rijanjks says:

    Great post, Shirley! Julie’s books look intriguing!

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  4. kimwrtr says:

    Enjoyed the post for Julie, Shirley! The Dead Dance Faster sounds like a great series, Julie. Looking forward to learning more about the series. Adding to my TBB list.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lovely post for Julie, Shirley! Great PIF kick-off! 🙂


  6. Nice post for Julie, Shirley!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. D.E.Howard says:

    Fab post – some brilliantly spooky book covers… am I brave enough to venture inside?? 🙂

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  8. Great blog post Shirley. Have a wonderful PIF week Julie. You too Shirley!


  9. harmonykentonline says:

    Great blog for Julie, Shirley! Julie’s books look awesome. Have a FAB PIF week 🙂


    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter says:

      She has more books which are on her website. Thanks Harmony for your support today. I was so late getting this up so it is especially appreciated from you.


  10. Good luck. I reblogged on my page too.


  11. Jan Hawke says:

    Sold! The Dead Dance Faster looks like a great series to follow – hugely intrigued with the concept of Screaming Egos having suspected I have one already for some time…. 😉 Thanks for getting us over here SHirley 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Shirley Harris-Slaughter says:

    Hello Julie. Welcome and good luck today.


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